When Will the Euroshops Park Be Ready?

This morning, I went to check out a “scoop” that I received from a concerned resident.

Thanks for alerting me to the situation. I am also concerned.

I love the יורו שופס מודיעין plaza! Fix Smarts – פיקס סמארטס Buchman’s – בוכמנס פיצה Super-Pharm סופר-פארם and Of course the supermarket.

However, with such a beautiful plaza, why is there a mound of dirt, rocks and no signs of a crew improving the area.

Does anyone have any information about this unfinished area next to יורו שופס מודיעין

Love Modi’in! Always trying to do what I can to help make our city even more awesome! Message me with any of your “scoops”. I’ll try and help! חיים ביבס Haim Bibas אילן יאיר בן-סעדון

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