Closing the Chapter on Esther Hamalka

#LivingtheDream: The Next Chapter

Wasn’t it just yesterday, that we sat at your dining room table Debbie Toledano-Goldfischer!

Remember, when we proudly showed all of you, our friends and family, the plans. Plans because there were no pictures.

We boldly, some might say, impulsively, dared to dream.

Ten years ago, fresh off the Nefesh B’Nefesh flight, our taxi dropped us, our two small little girls, and 8 suitcases at our home – 42/2 Esther Hamalka, Modi’in.

We quickly learned, that our home was more than 4 walls, we had moved into a community, the “Esther Hamalka Community”

Ten minutes, after we turned on the air conditioner (should I say tried!), there was a knock at the door, inviting us to a kiddush that coming Shabbat.

Baruch Hashem, the door has remained opened since.

Last night, as we packed up our kitchen, the knocking continued, as one of our neighbours thoughtfully brought over dinner. “Todah Rabah”.

10 wonderful years filled with Smchat Torah lunches, minyanim, containers of milk, babysitting, cups of coffee, tins of lasagna and warmth.

Baruch Hashem, we were blessed to have lived the dream.

B’hatzlacha to fellow dreamers, Penina Miller Elly Miller

May these walls continue to be filled with Yirat Shamayim, Torah learning, Shabbat zemirot, Chagim meals, friendship, warmth, laughter, singing and of course High Energy.

The walls would probably appreciate better housekeeping, gourmet meals and maybe a little less yelling… ?

As a social media “believer” I wanted to publicly thank “our team” (Mommy- not everything is colorwar!)

To Hakadosh Baruch Hu, what a zechut to be #livingthedream.

To our supportive family, especially our new roomates, Chloe, Leelee, and Louis.

To our friends, (yes, we have some) that live outisde of the block. We appreciate your therapy sessions, encouragement, support, advice and love.

June 28, was set on the calendar six months ago, by Elana Shoshan Maimon Simply Put Professional Organizing Under your direction, we purged, cleaned and organized our home. We were ready for today with (far) less anxiety, panic and stress due to your your instructions, labels, and plastic containers. See you on the other side ?

Our Real Estate Team:

Debbie Toledano-Goldfischer #livingthedream became a reality, for us, and most of the “vatikim” because of you.

Simmy Cohen Anglo Realtor at נדלנ״ה for finding awesome buyers and only making me clean the house twice.

Jane Forness Olman , our real estate lawyer, keep your phone charged, we have a few more questions.

Ayelet Raab Blue Crown Capital, financial and baking assistance.

Yaniv Smadar you and your outstandingly talented team need a separate post, but thank you for “the walls”.

“May We Be Blessed As We Go On Our Way”… Debbie Friedman, you have provide the soundtrack the last couple of days- yet, legally i couldn’t use for the video.

Here we go!

Ready for our next chapter. With the help of Hashem, may our new home be as colorful as a Keshet and blessed with continued, Reut, friendship.

#LivingtheDream: The Next Chapter


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