5 Strategies to Energize Your Facebook Followers

I am confident that your company has joined the Social Media Revolution.

Over 50 million businesses have already created Facebook pages.   Yet, out of hundreds of daily business posts, most go unanswered. No comments, no likes, no shares. Just silence. Even more worrisome, Facebook is well aware of your invisibility and Facebook’s algorithm will keep your post from entering your follower’s Newsfeeds. It will get harder and harder for your followers to even remember that they “liked” your page.


Your company needs to take active steps to avoid being ignored on Facebook.

Introduce your newly loyal and engaged community to the real you. Show them that you are not some anonymous corporation. Share bios of your employees. Mix up your content with photos and videos. Give them a behind the scenes tour through your headquarters. Encourage them to feel like insiders.

likes, comments, and shares. Make room for the billion Facebook users asking to join your page!

Let’s get started engaging your fan base.

#1 Begin Conversations

Sparking a discussion basically, presses the “like” button. People love to chat about trending topics such as current events, news, sports, holidays and entertainment.

#2 Ask for Advice    

It is hard to hold back when someone asks for your help. Pose a problem and ask for advice. Ask for feedback and reviews. Encourage participation!

#3 Games

Involve your followers by

posting different types of games. Post-fill in the blanks. Run polls and your followers will be checking your page to see if you have shared the results.

#4 Expert Advice

Share expert tips. Teach your followers something new and worthwhile.

#5 Behind the Scenes

These tips will help your company see first hand the magic of Facebook. Correctly using social media marketing creates strong brand awareness and conversions.

I can’t wait to see your post on the top of my Facebook Newsfeed!
(Originally Published on February 16, 2007)

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