Shout Out To Davira

Returning from the mountains on Simchat Torah, I ran into Davira Reichman Bareli, my yoga teacher. Standing ten feet apart, wearing masks, we managed to catch up. How are you? She said. I’m actually very good — just missing your class. I answered with my trademark apologetic voice. I was missing her class. I needed her class. If I practiced yoga twice a week- everything would be perfect.

You are practicing yoga. Albeit a different practice. A non- traditional class – more like a return to the conventional approach. She responded. Yoga strengthens the body to climb mountains. To breathe. To greet the sunrise.

Thank you, Davira, for your warm embrace. For preaching self-care as opposed to cure. To teaching acceptance, instead of struggle. To communicating love, not hate. To embracing courage, not fanning fear.

When I repeated the episode to my daughter, she was surprised. Isn’t that her business- shouldn’t she want you back in her class. Isn’t that how she makes money.

 Yes. That is what makes you, Davira – so awesome! Your authenticity. Commitment to your values. Your honesty. Love for your students. Your compassion for another. Your trust in the practice. Your self- confidence. Your ultimate faith in the Universe – in Hashem.

When it is time to return, I will return. Once your student, always your student. Living your teachings, in the studio and out. Incorporating the techniques into my daily life.

Thank you!

If you are looking for a skilled Yoga practitioner— I highly recommend my Yoga guru – Davira!