Sunrise with Rocky

Chol Hamoed Sukkot I October 8, 2020
Givat HaBroshim, Maccabim

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WATCH: Hold the Ball

“Hold the Ball” Starring Zohar Meidan Starring: Zohar Meidan and Roy Reshef Plessner Screenwriter and Director: Yocheved Pianko Feinerman Assistant Director: Orel Sebag Cinematographer: Nati Avital Editor: Shmuel Elmaleh Makeup: Solange Edri Sound: Rotem...

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WATCH: Strapped to the Bench

****Trigger**** This video contains explicit recreational drug use. “Strapped to the Bench” Starring Roy Reshef Plessner Starring: Roi Reshef Plessner and Rivky Breuer Director and Screenwriter: Yocheved Pianko Feinerman Cinematographer and Editor: Nati...

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WATCH: Who in this Mirror

A Film by Yocheved Pianko Feinerman Assistant Director: Orelle Sabag Cinematographer: Shmuel Elmsleh Editor: Orelle Sabag Starring: Rivke and Julie Breuer Special thanks: Laizy Shapira Dr. Michal Solomon Dov Feinerman Drs. Dale and Lenny Pianko Yona Goldman Ma’ale...

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